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My Work

Cut Bank (post-production) • 2nd Unit Videographer
Feature film starring Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton.

The Hagia Sophia: Jewel of the Byzantine Empire Editor/Writer/Director
Documentary examining one of the greatest buildings ever erected; an important
monument for both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

VOICES from the Visual Volley Editor
A documentary short about the conflict engulfing the oil reserves in Northern Alberta.

The Reporter (post-production) • Editor
Feature film chronicling the death of a Canadian television reporter while covering the Israeli invasion of Beirut.

The House That Bop Built Editor
Award nominated documentary exploring the history of jazz in Edmonton and the legendary Yardbird Suite jazz club.

The Golden Road Director / Editor 
Documentary chronicling the NAIT Culinary Teams’ medal performance at the World Culinary Olympics in Germany.

The DumpEditor
Television series pilot for the CTV Network.

Alberta Film and Television Awards Director
Annual 2.5 hour live or live-to-tape awards show broadcast across Canada.

Immortal Picture StoriesEditor
Documentary on East Indian comic books.

Catching My Breath Editor
1-hour documentary for broadcast on Canadian Learning Television.

Gabriel JohnEditor
Independent short feature film.

The Stained Glass CeilingProducer / Director
Documentary examining the challenges for women in the Catholic Church.

Sand Recycling Editor
20 minute corporate video for the City of Edmonton.

Video Tax News (Monthly) • Editor / Producer
1-hour monthly news-style information program with Canada-wide subscription.

Dining with Success • Director / Editor
Half-hour drama style HD production on dining etiquette.

© Perry Thomas 2014